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Biological commitment

A choice for the future

The great challenge of agriculture in the third millennium consists in making modern production systems and the needs of an increasingly threatened environmental ecosystem coexist.

One of the possible responses to this need is the conversion to biological methodologies, based on compliance with precise codified regulations that reduce the impact of man and machines on the environment.

The Modena area is located in the center of one of the most important Italian production areas: the Po Valley. A feature that certainly makes it a rich area full of great economic possibilities, but which also raises important ecological questions.

For these reasons, for several years, we have made important choices , respecting the territory itself and the consumers. We were among the first companies producing balsamic vinegar to decide to create an entire line of certified organic Balsamic Vinegars of Modena PGI . This obviously involves greater research and investments in terms of ingredients, production processes and certifications, but it allows to obtain products of the highest quality in full compliance with the regulations of the organic sector at European level.

But we decided to go a step further .

Our belief that it is possible to find production solutions that do not negatively impact the ecosystem, has pushed us to go even further.
We are proud to say that today, in fact, we are one of the very few companies in the Balsamic Vinegar scene to have developed a complete DEMETER line, coming entirely from biodynamic agriculture . The purpose of the biodynamic system is to achieve an agriculture in balance with the terrestrial ecosystem through cultivation practices based on biodiversity .


Following the dictates of this methodology, the soils and crops are not stressed by intensive practices, and only natural fertilizers and fertilizers are used, so as not to compromise the composition of the soil.

In essence, it is a question of getting to know the territory and its characteristics in depth, in order to learn how to better manage what nature offers , without wanting to bend it to the logic of mass production that are proving to be increasingly unsustainable.

These choices of ours are certified by the Demeter brand, which certifies that the products that possess it are derived from land prepared and cultivated according to the biodynamic method of agriculture.

To create a better future, we need to make bold choices in the present.

We are ready to do our part.

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